Get Rich Quick Tricks & Tips | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGThe top Frauds in the Internet Marketing World revealed by Vivek Raj Shivhare & Sergio Cutone. Learn how to avoid mistakes online and choose the right path to your success online. This podcast has anything and everything that you would like to know about dramatic frauds & Scammers selling useless products online! You don’t wanna miss this one!!

Is Guest Blogging DEAD? | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGPeople have been guest blogging for years and with the latest Google update – Is guest blogging be DEAD soon? Listen to Vivek & Serge and learn what will work and what will get killed online with the new Google algorithm. They have shared all the tips and tricks to do what is right online and grow your business! You don’t want to miss this!

How To Gain More Customers Online | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGInternet Marketing Guru’s Vivek & Serge unlocks the strategy to gain more customers online. Listen to this detailed audio and learn the step-by-step process to maximize your reach to potentials customers online. You don’t want to miss this one!

How to Spam a Spammer? | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGAre Spammers after you? Are they trying to spam your email inbox and your website comments or contact forms? Learn from Vivek & Sergio about how to get rid of spam — Get Ready to SPAM A SPAMMER!!

Smart Website to Boost Your Business Online | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGLearn how a smart website can change your overall web presence. How smart websites are driving massive traffic and converting visitors into clients. Vivek & Sergio will reveal the strategy to maximize your exposure online.

Mastering Your Online Sales | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGUnless you are making a sale online, your are not making money. Learn from the experts – How to master the Sales Process Online. Vivek & Sergio gives you the tips on making an easy sale plus retaining your customers online.

Why Businesses Fail Online | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGVivek & Sergio talks about the reasons why people & businesses fail online. Listen to this special audio where they tell you about what to do in order to build a successful business online. Also, learn what NOT TO DO when getting started online.

How to Motivate Your Customers to Buy Your Products & Services Online | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGLearn How to Motivate Your Customers Online. Vivek & Sergio share their experience and expertise on how they have successfully retained their customers and have motivated them to buy similar products over and over again. Listen & Learn!

Your Business Online | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGIn this audio – learn about the different aspect to getting your business online. This audio is not just about your products, services, message and skills set online, but tells you how to maximize your reach online to generate income. It also reveals the old school methodology of marketing. Listen & Take Action!

Your Passion! Your Business! | Internet Marketing Training

DC-Cover-BIGIn this special audio, Vivek & Sergio explain you about how to recognize your passion and build a business around it. They reveal the strategies to monitor & monetize your message, products and services online. Listen this awesome audio and get motivated to take action!