Monetize & Make Money Online – The Complete Internet Marketing Blue Print

Toronto – GTA

2 Day Intensive Workshop with the Internet Marketing Experts (Bring Your Laptops)

Who should attend this Workshop?

  • If you are looking to Start a New Career
  • If you are looking for a Secondary Income
  • If you are looking to work from home, be your own boss and work your own hours
  • If you are looking to upgrade your internet knowledge & marketing skills

Internet Marketing Training

Mission of this 2 Day Intensive training Workshop:

Our mission in this workshop is to take you from the seed stage of kick-starting your business online to the implementation & complete commercialization. Our focus will be on Your Passion – Your Message i.e Your Products, Services, Your niche and How to attract & retain customers online by following step-by-step sales process. We will give you all the tools and techniques to convert your potential website visitors into sales thereby opening the doors for multiple revenue streams.

You will discover how fast and simple it is to take your passion, skills and talents and turn them into a money making business online, using proven and effective strategies that the top internet marketers and entrepreneurs have used to successfully grow multi-million dollar online businesses! After this workshop you will not require any further training as this intensive training includes every tool to establish a successful business online!

Still wondering why you should participate in this workshop?

If you are tired of going through life uninspired, going through the monotonous routines of daily living, simply working for a paycheck, when you know deep down inside there is so much more to life, there is so much more to you and what you can give… that if you could truly find the right vehicle to help you get your message out there and find the right people to help you structure and package your message both your personal and financial life would change forever!

So, if you are looking to start living your life with purpose and passion, control your financial future and want to make a difference! This workshop is for YOU!!

LEARN from the EXPERTS – The Tips, Tricks and Techniques to POWERFUL Internet Marketing!

And it doesn’t matter if…

  • You really don’t know what exactly your passion is
  • You are not sure that whether your interest or passion can make money
  • You are completely new to the internet
  • You don’t have a clue on how to make money online

…because in this 2 day workshop, we will cover in depth – The 4 Pillars for taking your Passion, skills and talents and creating a successful Online Business. Remember our workshops are newbie friendly!!


Pillar 1 – Your Passion, Niche & Sales Process

  • Discover how To Unearth your Passions from your Life Experiences – Your Unique Message, Products & Services
  • Learn how to filter through your many passions and interests to find the one that lines up with your true purpose in life
  • Learn how to create a crystal clear vision of where you are and where you want to be in life – Your Expression is Important
  • Learn how to take Your Passion, Your message – Products & Services and turn it into a successful online business
  • Learn to understand your customer, market segmentation, your reach to potential customers and understanding your niche
  • Learn about the sales process, online user experience, Convincing Power and Customer Retention techniques
  • Learn how to build credibility, rapport and ethical business reputation

Pillar 2 – Your Website, Social Media & Marketing

  • Learn how simple it is to create an effective website for your message
  • Learn how to manage, update and maintain your website in a few clicks of a button
  • Learn how to effectively maximize your website to draw targeted customers to it
  • Learn the 3 things you absolutely must have on your website to explode your business
  • Learn how to create killer content for your website + Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn the latest and most effective strategies to draw free targeted customers to your website
  • Learn how to most effectively use Paid Advertising to maximize your returns
  • Learn how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media platforms to exponentially grow your business
  • Learn how to effectively build your virtual team and how to effectively use outsourcing in your business
  • Learn how to implement effective marketing systems into your business
  • Learn how to get others to enthusiastically promote your products and services
  • Learn how to create a killer sales process so that your customers effortlessly purchase your products and services
  • Learn how to completely automate your online business so that it works effortlessly for you

Day 2

Pillar 3 – Product Creation & Promotions

  • Learn how to convert your Passion into many different products and services that serves others
  • Learn from the step-by-step action plan to create products, videos, audios and marketing material
  • Learn Product Creation Ideas & Lifecycle – How to write and format your product
  • Learn how to create catchy headlines, claims and tips to effective conversion
  • Learn how to create a wide variety of products and services that people will virtually line up to buy
  • Learn how to create a list of hungry buyers
  • Learn the secret sales letter formula
  • Lean the top Popularity Booster and Review Frenzy Techniques
  • Learn how to properly price a product and Signature Marketing
  • Learn how to provide excellent customer services
  • Learn how to earn $1,000, $2,000… even $5,000 or more every week
  • Learn about product launch & long term profit
  • Learn how to take your products & Services and convert it into financial abundance

Pillar 4 – Your Mindset & Business Performance

  • Learn the 3 Key Mindset Strategies to create anything you want in your life
  • Learn how to tap into the power center of your mind to create daily habits of success
  • Learn how to use the power of your imagination to explode your business
  • Learn how to align yourself up with the world around you to effortlessly grow your business
  • Learn the 7 Mindset pillars you must have to be successful in both your business and personal life
  • Learn how to use and harness the power of your mind to transform your life

In this 2 day training workshop, we leave no stone unturned…. you will have everything you need …we help you discover and then take your passion and your message online…. we give you ALL the online tools, techniques and strategies, we break them down into an easy to follow, simple step-by-step roadmap, that is proven and used by the most successful online entrepreneurs today, and we top it off with the Mindset of Success, core principles and values that will insure your future growth and success!

NOTE: This Training is NOT for Everyone!
For those that are content with their lives now, for those that are satisfied with mediocrity, for those that are ok with a fixed income, for those that are not looking to grow, expand or improve their lives, then this Event is Not for you!

This training IS for those who are Committed to living their life with passion and purpose, with the joy, freedom and abundance that they know deep down inside they were meant to live!

If this is You – This is Your Time, Take Charge of Your Life and Follow Your Heart!

Workshop Host: Vivek & Sergio

Early Bird Price: $1197 + tax (Limited Time Offer)

(Regular Price: $3597)

Registration Open

Event Date: October 13, 2014 & October 14, 2014

Internet Marketing Training

Workshop location will be confirmed 15 days before the event. We will send out invitation email with your pass.

Refund Policy: In case that you will not be able to attend, please notify us 7 Days before the event and we will refund your full amount.

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